Swinge Family's First Ever Holiday, December 2017

“Thank you beyond words again for the amazing generosity. We are all very excited to go on our holiday. I think Adrian and I are still in shock and I have to admit, a few tears were shed after you left. It’s incredibly overwhelming. Just the thought of being able to give our children something that we never thought was possible, especially with all they have been through and have missed out on, fills my heart with such joy.”

Rachel Swinge


The Swinges are a considerable size family of seven. Rachel and Adrian have five children, their names are Evelyn, Isabell, Caleb, Olivia & Ariel.

The twins, Evelyn & Isabell were born at 27 weeks, with Evelyn (to the left) suffering from severe chronic lung disease and bilateral vocal cord granulomas.

Evelyn requires 24 hour medical assistance.

Rachel has given up full time work to care for Evelyn. Adrian has recently changed jobs to be more available to his family. The family have never been on a holiday together, not even a weekend away, due to the unforeseen circumstances that life has brought.

The Foundation were honoured to visit Rachel, Adrian and their children to tell them about their first ever holiday. After our visit to the family we received this email from Rachel.

The family will be staying in Lorne for six days in December, somewhere they had dreamt about going together for a long time. 

During their in Lorne they stayed at the beautiful Mantra Lorne. They also visited the Lorne Sea Baths, climbed the Otway Fly Treetop Adventures & explored the Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park.

Big thank you to Lorne Sea BathsMantra LorneOtway Fly Treetop Adventures & Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park for making the Swinge’s first ever holiday a reality!

“Our holiday brought us closer as a family and made us stronger. It allowed us to take time out of our busy schedule and the day to day stress and just sit back and relax. It gave us time to remember how amazing life can be and to find the good in every moment. We never thought we would ever have the opportunity to make this happen for our family.”

Rachel Swinge