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The Smile That Lit Up the Room

Josiah is an eight year old boy who has a chromosomal abnormality. He lives with his parents and his older sister, Floreign, in a suburb of Melbourne. He is fed by a gastrostomy tube and needs to take a range of medications on a daily basis.

Hospital admissions in his short life have been many, including ICU and for his parents, it means 24 hour care.

Despite being vulnerable and sick, Josiah’s smile lit up the room when the Foundation visited to tell his family about their first ever holiday.

The family were going to Phillip Island for six days.

We are so looking forward to this wonderful trip. My daughter hasn’t stopped talking about going to see the penguins since I told her about us going on a holiday.” 

Tasia, Mother of Josiah & Floreign. 

Unfortunately, the family’s holiday had to be rescheduled from September to December, as both children were admitted to hospital.

Sadly, in early November 2017, Josiah passed away unexpectedly. He had never been on a holiday.

As they left the hospital, Tasia, with tears rolling down her face, said to one of the social workers, I’m so pleased we can still go on our first ever holiday.

The family’s first ever holiday will certainly be one of mixed emotions. It will provide life time memories, a break from the daily routine and most importantly, a time to just be a family after the untimely passing of their son and brother.

Now, the holiday is around the corner with Josiah’s mum, dad and sister, Floriegn, going to Phillip Island on 1 December. They will visit the penguins at Phillip Island Nature Parks on Saturday, followed by the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory on Monday and then finally explore A Maze’N Things on Tuesday.

They will travel home on Wednesday 6 December.


Mum, Floreign & Dad. Phillip Island, Victoria, December 2017. 

As with all our holidays, all expenses are paid for by the Foundation.

We wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the support we have received in enabling us to send the Ianusi family on their first ever holiday.

Please continue to support us so that all children have the opportunity to go on their first ever holiday.