Our Vision

That all vulnerable or disadvantaged Australian children and their families have an opportunity to change their circumstances from desperation to hope.

Our Mission

To provide hope and lifetime changes through a first ever holiday.

Our Values



We advocate for the rights of vulnerable and disadvantaged Australian children and their families. 

We establish and sustain relationships through open and honest conversations.


We acknowledge individual and group differences. 

We treat people fairly and equitably.


We treat others as we would like to be treated. 

We are committed to support and work with vulnerable and disadvantaged Australian children and their families to bring hope.



Rosemary Teed has worked with children, young people and their families for over twenty years. Initially qualifying as a special education teacher, Rosemary has worked in diverse roles with various…


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Sarah Beck is passionate about helping others to reach their full potential. She was a prefect in her final year at school. Sarah excelled at soccer and represented Victoria on many occasions in in…




My vision to establish the Magical Getaway Foundation (MGF) was to provide hope to vulnerable or disadvantaged Australian children and families. 

Despite their current circumstances, they have so much to give back to other people. Sadly though, their struggle is to just get through each day. 

Feelings of sadness, desperation, vulnerability and helplessness overwhelm them. 

There is no hope. 

These children and families deserve, and have a right to, a better future. 

The Magical Getaway Foundation provides such an opportunity through the gift of social tourism (ie first ever holidays). 

It’s not about the holiday, it’s what the holiday brings including closer family ties, increased self-esteem, expansion of social networks, skills development, improvements in mental health and greater participation in education and paid work. 

In return, the Foundation gathers the receipients’ stories of courage and resilience to share with others, to bring hope. 

Please support the Magical Getaway Foundation to bring hope to the 1 in 3 Australian children who have never been on a holiday, not even a weekend away. 

Together we will break the cycle.

Rosemary Teed 

Founder / Director 

Magical Getaway Foundation


The Magical Getaway Foundation is honoured that the World’s # 1 Bucket List Expert, Trav Bell, is our esteemed National Patron.

Trav is looking forward to representing the Magical Getaway Foundation as the National Patron, as he has a strong commitment to the Foundation’s vision: That all vulnerable or disadvantaged Australian children and families have an opportunity to change their circumstances from desperation to hope. 

Trav brings a wealth of experience as both an international speaker and as one of Australia’s foremost personal development speakers and business leadership coaches. 

He supports people to get off the treadmill of life and start living life on purpose by creating a bucket list.

In Trav’s words: A bucket list is a tangible reason ‘why’ – a life plan that has the power to transform every area of your life. It will help to decrease life’s distractions and increase your focus on what truly makes you happy. But this is way more than just writing a simple list. This is about the journey you’ll experience in the process of achieving your list and about the person you become in the process. 

Prior to being the World’s # 1 Bucket List Expert, Trav built a chain of personal training studios across Australia. Starting with one client, Trav and his team went on to do over a million personal training sessions and motivated tens of thousands of people. 

The Magical Getaway Foundation is very grateful to have Trav Bell as the National Patron, as his words and everyday actions genuinely align with the Foundation.




The Magical Getaway Foundation is delighted and honoured that Sean Roach is our International Patron. Sean brings to the Foundation his integrity, entrepreneurial expertise, passion and genuine commitment to help others from all walks of life.

For more than a decade, Sean has been helping people to grow their businesses, expand their reach and to learn to move with the inevitable changes in business and technology. 

He graduated from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with a focus on public relations and psychology. 

Sean has since built an entrepreneurial empire to include many different areas of expertise including marketing on the internet, organisational turnaround and the keys to accessing the right people for success. 

His endeavours are intended to aid in the development and growth of businesses and individuals at every level. Sean extends his knowledge into helping others as well, by being active within charitable organisations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, where he serves on the Board of Directors in San Diego County.

Currently splitting his time in Las Vegas and San Diego, Sean is originally from Carson City, Nevada and a third generation Nevadan. 

Since building his career as an entrepreneur, corporate speaker, author, and CEO of a software development company, he began receiving many accolades from his community and peers across the country. Sean has been honoured with ‘Sean Roach Day’ from the Mayor of Las Vegas twice (January 17th and July 10th), ‘Entrepreneur Day’ by the Mayors of Raleigh and Carey, North Carolina (February 4th), and awarded a proclamation declaring January 17th to be ‘Entrepreneur Day’ by the Governor of Nevada, honouring him.

Sean has been ‘field-testing’ his methods for access and examining the ever-changing world of the internet in order to obtain new foresight for sharing with his clients and customers. Early in his career, Sean excelled to a National Sales Leader then began working with clients such as Mirage Resorts, MGM, Subaru, BMW, Ford, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and Inomati. 

Sean’s expertise has also been utilised internationally while serving an eighteen month stint in Europe where he worked with top companies, such as Bertelsmann and its sub-companies, by reviewing their current strategies and showing them how to dominate their market by combining on-line and off-line strategies. 

As CEO and Founder of Internet Catapult Inc and Got Access Inc, Sean is actively developing new software for social technology, which allows people to use the internet to communicate and socialise within business and life. 

Sean continues to speak at corporate events sharing his knowledge within various industries and disciplines on the tangible tactics anyone may use to gain access to the right people for success in their endeavours. 

His book, ‘Get Off Your Duff And Make Your Own @ # $ ! Cheese’, inspires readers to understand that they have the opportunity to make things happen for themselves.